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She is energetic and romantic and loves beauty items online.

Express yourself with a wardrobe that is complete of bubble skirts, jewelry of expensive taste and an uplifting color scheme.  An off the shoulder top that is paired with a print pant will do well as a look that captures a glamorous style.  Your glamorous style is captured beautifully in a dress that flows. 





She is intense and powerful.  Express yourself with a timeless pencil skirt, power pumps and effortless, complimenting jackets and blazers.  Let the color scheme flow in your outfit.  Bring out the cheetah print in your jacket with a head turning cheetah print pump.  Fierce style is captured perfectly in a skinny jean and a hot pump.





She is bold and unconventional.  The limit is non-existent. Be bold and rock a print jacket with a shoe that has a crazy pattern.  Mix and match prints.  The theme behind edgy style is creativity walking.  Wearing a dark color scheme; however, occasionally mixing it up with a fun color scheme and incorporating a smokey eye makes the edge in you known. 





She is traditional, elegant and cautious.  The timeless wide leg pant look is definitely for you.  A crispy, buttoned collard shirt is a must have piece.  Also, add a funky bow tie for fashionable fun.  Pleated skirts in the cutest colors and patterned tops are always in to embody elegance and tradition.  Rock a tailored suit and red lip for a classic and fun conservative look. 


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