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Fashion Corner

Autumn/Winter 2019-20 Trends

Autumn/Winter fashion allows you to get creative with looks and apply layering techniques.  The fashion industry produces style suggestions for excited, trendy and stylish shoppers every season.  The "fashion corner" informs readers of seasonal trends with a personal connection to every fashionista and non-fashionista.

Fashionistas:  First, a "itty bitty bag" is really a must-have trend.  Satin can be a go-to fabric and square necklines for a Renaissance vibe.  Rock preppy vibes by wearing plaid and gold vibes by way of metallics.

Non-Fashionistas:   Gravitate towards the statement hat trend for fun.  A bold shoulder can be rocked this season for a trendy vibe as well.  Pick the perfect tops that will compliment you.  Know your body type.  For ideas and suggestions, get informed here.