Brichavon began in 2012 to express a world of fashion within society and to give a take on trends.  The goal is to entertain with fashion by showing beautiful works of art such as fashionable clothing.


Being a fashionista is an adjective that people like to use for me.  I am Bria Anderson, a "fashionista," blogger, and I enjoy expressing myself through clothing.  Clothing specifically is an art form that I support to be modernized and always progressing in time.  Time does not stand still and neither should fashion.​  I am here to share fashion and style with you.

I am providing online tips for anyone who is seeking ideas on what to wear that fits their personality.  With visuals of different styles, words of encouragement, ideas for your wardrobe, and other fashionable treats, Brichavon will definitely take you through a fashionable journey.   I would love to converse with my viewers who have requests on anything that they would like to see on the web log.  Lets talk fashion.



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