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The fashion corner provides fashion tips and trends for the fashion savy and the on the go shopper.  Stay tuned to the updates on this new fashion landing page.

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"Fashion is a Fad in life…Fashion is an Atmosphere that’s never fading…Fashion is a Self-craving…Fashion is History and history is fashion…Fashion is Insightful…Fashion is Obvious…Fashion is Never-ending…" 


- Bria Anderson

Paris Fashion Week

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Fashion Week 

​Designers and special guests will come together in NYC, London, Milan and last but not least, Paris, to watch the new trends and new designs of the season take over the runway.  Stay updated on what is new in fashion and watch how design creators have edited and added to the always changing fashion trends.  

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Capture Your Trend

Your lifestyle might call for something quick and easy to throw on during the day.  It can be fast paced with a social life and a lot of work or the complete opposite.  

You might gravitate towards wearing a fashionable pull over sweater that keeps you warm and a fashionable boot, which reminds me of the college days.  A cool pair of jeans to pull on with a nice shirt is a simple look that is versatile and coed.  I would say that it is probably the most used look.  Some rock their  favorite hat frequently and create several ways to wear it.  Wearing that favorite item could keep you true to your style and may make one feel classified.  


Dare to be different.  Capture a trend.  Fashion is global, which makes it unique and exciting.​ 

Body Shape

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Body Shapes

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Body Shapes

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Dress for You & You Only

" Accentuate your best features and disguise what you are not so happy with.  Choose outfits that fit and make you look comfortable rather than those that are up to the minute"   - Georgio Armani

Hourglass Shape  (Curvy, defined waist, hips and bust are proportioned) :

  • Accentuate your waist with blouses or shirts that cinches or wraps in the waist.  Wear wide belts and jackets that are short and fitted.

  • Wear sheath and wrap dresses, pencil and a-line skirts to show off your curves excluding all loose fitted dresses.

  • Wear v-necks and scooped necklines that elongates your middle area with a supportive bra. 

  • Jeans that are fitted and have small waists and midrise, and wide leg or boot-cut with a slight flare will look great and will balance out your hips.  Avoid tight skinny jeans but try a slim fit pair and exclude a dark wash pair of jeans if you don't want attention taken away from your hips.

Pear Shaped (Small upper body and larger lower body) :

  • Wearing dark, solid colors on the bottom and adding more color, prints, and textured fabrics on the tops will create slimming looks for your lower body and accentuate your upper body.

  • Wear wide leg or straight leg jeans with a little flare and avoid skin tight and high waist jeans or pants to give your legs a leaner look.

  • Dresses and skirts shouldn't be tight and should be solid and dark in color to avoid attention on unflattering bulges, dimples....

  • Wear scooped, squared and low necklines to draw attention upwards and keep jackets and blazers at a length that is not sitting at the widest part of your bottom half.

  • High wedges or heels will elongate your legs.

Apple Shaped​ (Full bust and smaller lower body) :

  • Wear dark tops, solid, and fitted but not too tight to keep attention away from the waist.

  • Wear wider leg jeans and pants that are similar to the trouser cut and boot-cut and lighter denim to look more proportioned .

  • Accentuate the lower body with short flowing skirts and shorts that aren't too tight.

  • Wearing v-necks will draw attention to the bust and away from the waist. Fitted jackets and blazers can hide unflattering bulges and the best look is a dark grey tank, black blazer, and trouser cut pants, paired with heels and long silver necklace.

  • Number one importance is a supportive bra with the correct cup size to avoid extra bulges.

Ruler​ (Straight figure and little to no curves) : 

  • Your best bet to add curves is to accentuate the shoulders, chest, and your waist. 

  • High waist, wide leg, skinny jeans, and low rise boot cut are perfect for a straight figured woman.

  • Those with very thin legs should avoid dark skinny jeans since lighter washes can create a fuller look.

  • Wear semi-fitted tops with medium to high necklines and scooped necklines with tops and jackets that are cinched in the waist and flare towards the bottom.  This adds a shapely look as well as wide belts added to a semi-fited dress.

  • Layers of a tank, blouse, and necklace create a larger bust illusion

  • Avoid clothes that are too tight or too baggy.


Info provided by: Fashion Secrets App 



Beauty Inspiration

To enhance or conclude an awe-inspiring look, wearing a popping lip color can create the wanted results. 

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